July 4th, 2010

Kuma Bear

Surplus Sale

After the Westercon Business Meeting ended on Saturday, Lisa and I returned to the Tonopah bid table and put up signs announcing two new categories of membership in the Tonopah 2012 bid:

Post-Supporting ($10): Refrigerator magnet
Post-Apocalyptic ($20): Magnet and T-Shirt (Pre-supporters may upgrade for the $10 difference)

Both classes of membership are while supplies last. We only have a handful of shirts remaining, and there will be no more.

The Tonopah bid donated memberships to Match Game SF and one of the contestants won a post-apocalyptic membership. While we didn't have her size at the prize desk, we did tell her to come back to the table on Sunday because we do have a shirt left in her size.

We will not be at the table until the bitter end, because we have to check out of the room (we do have an extended 3 PM checkout), and we need to leave tomorrow afternoon and drive partway north. We also might not be there first thing at 10 AM Sunday, because we might sleep in just a little bit.
Match Game SF

The Stars Were Matched

Saturday afternoon's Match Game SF had a decent turnout, and I think it was one of our better shows. The room setup could hardly have been better, although we did have to rearrange the speakers when the panel in the adjacent room complained about the noise. They complained further from the sound of the laughter from our room; however, I won't apologize for that.

We do not have any pictures from Saturday afternoon's show; however, Lisa did take pictures at the previous night's show.

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I'm told that I was really "on" Saturday afternoon, and I'm pleased with the results. The games themselves were a little challenging, with three of the four going to tie breakers and one going to sudden death. (Or, as I put it, "A nil-nil draw after extra time, so the match will be decided by penalty kicks." At least some people in the room got it.)

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Thank you once again to everyone who participated: panelists, announcers, contestants, audience, and as always the crew, starting with Lisa, who had to "play through pain" and run the sound board while her back tried to wrench her into Van Nuys. It's a cooperative effort for us to put on a show for each other, and I still have a good time performing the show; I hope everyone else participating in it is still having fun, too.
Manga Kevin

Off We Go Again

Westercon is at an end for us. Five cart-loads of stuff moved out to the van. Thank goodness for that late check-out. We're off for a Jamba Juice and then back to the freeway, which is already in progress.
Kevin and Lisa

Going Nowhere Fast

About 3:30 PM, Lisa and I said our goodbyes and walked out to my van, preparing to hit the road for Atascadero. As we approached the van, Lisa said, "There's a puddle of fluid under the van."

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As car crises go, this one seems relatively mild. I'm going to have to take an extra day off from work, but that doesn't look like it will be too big a problem. With any luck, we'll be back under way late tomorrow. And I think I'll try and use my trip-interruption insurance again for the marginal cost of the extra hotel night. Good thing I renewed my AAA membership!