July 13th, 2010


Two Minutes of Fame

Yesterday afternoon after lunch, I needed to run to the post office to make sure a package posted that day, and as I got in the van I turned on KNBR's The Razor & Mr. T show, where Tom Tolbert was flying solo. He started off with talk about the World Cup that raised points about the officiating to which I wanted to respond, so I called the show and got an answer right away. The show producer put me on hold, and the way Tolbert was talking, I figured I'd be the second caller he took.

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Ordinarily I wouldn't have waited that long, but since I could move around with my mobile phone while I waited and could get other things done, it wasn't so bad. It could have been embarrassing if they'd come to me at an unexpected time, however. And it was a pretty slow day at the office, too.