July 16th, 2010


Painfully Passing on Pinball

I wanted to go to California Extreme this weekend, particularly as it's one of the few times that me and theoretically spare time and the event have coincided. But I don't think I can justify spending the $60 (or $40 or $30), much as I'd love having unlimited pinball for 25 (or 15 or 10) hours. If I did go, I'd probably want to get a hotel room for Saturday night, since the show is open until 2 AM and I would almost certainly not feel like doing anything other than falling into bed if I spent that much time playing pinball.

Besides, the following three weeks after that are apt to be extremely busy, and I need the rest, and on top of that, I need the time to unpack from Westercon (which I have still not completely done) and pack the Match Game SF material for transportation back up to Oregon next weekend.
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