July 17th, 2010

Cheryl 2

To the Tower

In case you haven't noticed it already, Cheryl Morgan today announced the founding of a new small-press publishing company, Wizard's Tower Press, which will concentrate on making out-of-print works available once more as e-books and helping other small presses exploit the e-book market. I'm doing a small part to help with this project, and of course I hope that at the very least that it provides a business interest that will convince the US government that it's safe to grant her Cheryl a visa that will let her visit the USA to attend SF conventions again.

Comments on Cheryl's site please, not here. Even better are startup funding contributions for Salon Futura the magazine that WTP will be publishing.
Conrunner Kevin

Wish I Could Be There

Somtow Sucharitkul has posted a clip of the rehersal of the symphony he will be conducting in a few days. That was, he writes, a sight-reading first rehearsal. At that rate, the actual performance should be great, at least to my untrained ear.

I have a particular soft spot for Somtow. I really enjoyed his writing, which I encountered in Asimov's in the George Scithers days, he's the first author whose autograph I sought out (at L.A.con II in 1984, my first convention), and he and I were on a panel together at a convention in Phoenix years ago talking about making movies. (I was on it because of the work on my two amateur movies, The Zombie Legions and Those Darn Daleks.) Oh, and I seem to recall helping carry his luggage at an OryCon, or was it a Portland Westercon?

Tickets are on sale for as little as about $25, but getting to Thailand would be a bit tricky