July 21st, 2010

Conrunner Kevin

Oil For One

Yesterday afternoon, I took my van to the Jiffy Lube that had done a transmission fluid replacement job only a few weeks before the trip to Pasadena where, as you may recall, it started leaking fluid from a damaged transmission pan gasket. The manager of the JL said that they don't drain fluid out the bottom, but suck it out from above with a vacuum, and that therefore they never got near that gasket. I decided not to argue further, and turned it over to them for an oil change for which I was overdue.

During their tests, they got an overpressure warning on the air conditioning system. To fix this, they needed to do an AC service, which added another $140 or so to the routine service costs. Sigh. Even with the unseasonably cool weather we're having in the Bay Area, I need the AC to work, particularly as I'll be driving through some hotter areas this weekend on my way to Oregon.