July 24th, 2010

Conrunner Kevin

Locusts in the Breakfast Bar

Another problem with staying in the hotel full of what appear to be families attending the county fair: the hotel breakfast bar cannot keep up with the demand. I did manage to get a scoop of eggs and a few pieces of dried-out bacon — and also a cinnamon roll, which I decided I could eat because my blood sugar this morning was, for a change, below 100.

Anyway, I'm about to pack the computer and check out of the room, and should thus be on the road about an hour earlier than I originally expected. I probably should go for a walk, but it's already getting pretty warm, and I'm itching to get the trip over with.

To recap, the things in favor of this HIX were: location (very convenient to freeway and services); hot tub (Yreka doesn't have one); and price (lower than any HI hotel between Redding and Grants Pass). Against that we can set: no refrigerator; wired internet not working; breakfast bar unable to cope with peak demand. I guess it's about a wash overall.