July 25th, 2010

Kevin and Lisa

Trying Not to Complain

Yesterday while driving through Oregon, the fan on the air conditioning in my van stopped working. Or rather, it worked intermittently. Sometimes it would work; sometimes it didn't. The AC compressor works fine — I can feel cool air, and the rear AC fan works. So now I'll need to take the van to the dealership for two unrelated problems: the AC fan (it may be the switch or relay) and whatever is causing the service-engine light to come on. As it happens, I didn't get that light again yesterday.

I needed the AC because it's quite warm here in Oregon. Not as hot as Redding, thank goodness, but still a hot summer day. This is good because we need the roof dried out, but it's still hard to work for long in the sun. We work for a while, then take a break, then work some more. Today's task: get the ropes, ladders, and other equipment in place for accessing the roof.