July 26th, 2010

Kevin and Lisa

Roof Report

On Sunday afternoon, we did the initial prep work on the latest stage of work on That Darn Roof. The weather was nice enough as long as you never got out in the sun; however, the roof is getting lots of sun (which is good because we want it dried out), and thus it is much warmer there than in the shade. We couldn't work more than an hour or so at a time before having to take breaks and cool off.

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Because I'm here for three weeks, and because the forecast is for more weather like this, we're trying not to break ourselves by working too long at once. Monday afternoon's task, after I'm done with Day Jobbery, is for Lisa to go up with the leaf blower and try to blow away all loose debris, such as pine needles and dead moss. If we're really lucky, she may be able to apply the first layer of Gray Goo, that being my name for the first coat of roofing sealant. Since we have errands in Stayton Tuesday afternoon (such as taking my van to be diagnosed for its two different problems), getting the roof goop in place would give it a full day to dry before the next step of the multi-stage process.

I can understand why the roofers wanted $15,000 to repair the roof.
Conrunner Kevin

Can't Remember Everything

While unpacking my computer gear here in Mehama, I realized why the Bag O' Stuff (miscellaneous cables and connectors) seemed slightly smaller this time than last trip: I'd forgotten to include the external mini-USB hub. This isn't a crisis; just a minor inconvenience. Normally I run the laptop's cooling pad fan off of the externally-powered hub since it slightly reduces the power draw on the laptop (the point is, after all, to keep the laptop running cooler).

I just wish I'd noticed this on Saturday before we made a trip to Fry's in Wilsonville, since we could have easily replaced it then. It's not sufficiently urgent to justify a trip on its own. Maybe next Saturday, since we're planning on going to Brooks for the Oregon Steam-Up.