July 28th, 2010

Kevin and Lisa

Roof It Up

Lisa was able to get the "gap" in the roof covering filled yesterday. See this photo for reference; the gap was to the left of the ladder. As we started to lose the light yesterday evening, she opened up the first can of Grey Goo, meaning to apply only a little bit of the stuff because it was rapidly getting dark. However, it's often quite difficult to keep things from going astray on that roof, and the lid of the can went bounding away off the roof. (This is why I do my ground-spotting duties a safe distance from the building and do not do immediately under the roof edge most of the time; I don't have a hard hat and would rather not have stuff dropped on my head.)

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The weather is cooperating other than the fact that it's simply too hot in the direct sunlight to do the work, so our work window is only a couple of hours wide, and it's at what we normally would consider dinner time, which is inconvenient to say the least.