August 22nd, 2010

Pensive Kevin

Too Quick on the Trigger

I have received an e-mail notice from my Flexible Spending Account saying that I need to send them itemization of a certain expense I charged against the account. That's not unusual or unexpected. What's bothersome is that when I follow their instructions to log on to their web site to fill out one of their "flex forms," it tells me that "no transactions require verification at this time." That is, their e-mail system sent the "need verification" e-mail before their web site was updated with the claim that needs verification.

Something similar happens with my mobile phone bill. I typically get the e-bill telling me I owe Verizon a certain amount of money at least one day before Verizon's web site updates with the current bill.
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Pensive Kevin

Laying In Long Term Supplies

It's frustrating that I have to keep ordering relatively simple things that I used to be able to buy in stores.

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In all of these cases, I've had to buy more than I really want or need simply because of the overhead cost of shipping, and I will need to find a place to store the extras, and furthermore hope I don't lose the extras, particularly in the case of the things that I only need to access every 2-3 years or so.