August 23rd, 2010

Pensive Kevin

Took Them Long Enough

The web site for my Healthcare Spending Account finally caught up with the e-mail, so I was able to complete their documentation and fax it back to them. They won't accept forms by e-mail or through their web site, so I couldn't just scan the receipts and submit them. You have to either fax or send them by paper mail.

Update, 11:15: I got a message from their customer service people saying that it can take 2-3 days after they send the e-mail before their web site updates with the information necessary to actually do what they ask you to do. That's pretty dumb. If I were writing it, I'd set it up so that the web site updated before the system sent you the notice.
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Whimsical Kevin

BASFA Meetings Down Under

Per this post, BASFA will hold two on-the-road meetings at Au Contraire in Wellington (the "Oriental Bay Area") and at Aussiecon 4 in Melbourne (the "Port Phillip Bay Area"). Although the proposal as originally worded was more or less my doing, don't blame me for numbering the A4 meeting as XXXX. I'd originally proposed it be meeting 1049, as meeting 1047 will be the previous weekend in Wellington, but the regular BASFA meeting would be 1048. Striking out "1049" and inserting "XXXX" was David W. Clark's fault.