September 4th, 2010

Business Meeting


It was raining pretty hard last night, so I wimped out of going down to the parties at the Crowne Plaza, and I unfortunately had to pass on the invitation to a private party in one of the other hotels. So I got to bed relatively early and was once again up and about before 6 AM. This does have the good effect of being able to get breakfast in the Lounge when everything is fresh, and I get a little while to check messages.

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Today is actually relatively lightly programmed for me because I have no involvement with the Masquerade. Yesterday I didn't get any dinner (I had a late lunch and some food bars) because I was recording (and transmitting on UStream) the Australian Awards Ceremony.

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In an attempt to cut down on weight carried, I left a bunch of spare computer kibble at home. So of course I needed to go look for a 2m USB extension cord yesterday. Sigh. And in fact, I think I'm going to go buy an Australian extension cord simply because my Australia-North America plug adapter is so bulky that is blocks the other outlets, so I need an extension cord in order to share outlets with anyone else.

I forgot my floppy hat, which is annoying given how much trouble I went to setting it aside in the first place. I need to find time to get another one, but I hate going off site. It's the Fear of Missing Something, you know.

Anyway, although the meeting is not for another two hours, I will probably be down in the room way early because it takes me so long to set up the equipment and make sure everything works.
WSFS Captain 2

Girl Genius Radio Today

My turn on stage with Girl Genius Radio Theatre will be this afternoon at 4 PM in Room 211. I've confirmed with Kaja Foglio that there's no problem with me wearing my WSFS uniform. But that means I'd better go get lunch now. Besides, my wi-fi purchase in the convention centre has almost run out.