September 8th, 2010

Wig Wag


Internet access is too expensive in Australia for me to spend hours and hours online composing and such, so bear in mind that right now I'm not reading all of my e-mail, nor am I following anyone else's LJ posts, and I'll be behind by at least a week by the time I get home.

In brief: Yesterday I bought a new hat because I forgot to actually bring one with me to Australia and for the rest of my trip I won't be indoors most of the day. Today I rode trains and saw scenery I enjoyed. Tonight I'm taking advantage of a hotel with a guest coin laundry. *bzzz* Whoops, that sound means it's time for me to collect my washing.

Confidential to travelswithkuma: Tell Lisas I'll be back soon. I'd bring you some honey, but the US has apparently slapped a temporary import restriction on it due to a mite infestation among the bees here. Sorry, Bear!