October 2nd, 2010

Conrunner Kevin


I'm heading north for Oregon now. I expect to stop at Redding for lunch, and my destination tonight is Central Point (Medford), Oregon. I'm trying no to fret about the disabled company laptop. I also hope that I can pick up one of the Giants' affiliate stations in Northern California this afternoon.
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Giants Fanatic


It took me longer to get to Yuba City than I thought it would, and then I found myself spending more time with my sister and nephew, and then with my mother later than I thought I would, so I'm way far behind. OTOH, my mother recognized the signs of my pending hypoglycemia before I did and insisted that I have lunch before I set out again, and she was right. I should have realized that's why I had the shakes. Anyway, while heading north on I-5, I contemplated calling Holiday Inn and changing the reservation to a nearer hotel, but before I knew it, it was past 6 PM and I was committed to Central Point.

I stopped in Redding anyway, it being my regular refueling point and a chance to take a break at the Starbucks. I have about 150 miles to go, and the weather is good, so maybe I won't be as late as I thought I might be.

Being as late as I was, I wasn't out of range of KNBR by the end of Giants-Padres game, but maybe I should have been, as the Giants lost their second straight game. Now it's down to one game: If the Giants win, they take the NL West, but if they lose, they'll be tied with the Padres, with a slightly complex interaction with the wild card.

I don't expect to be able to hear the game tomorrow. Fingers crossed for the Giants!
Kreegah Bundalo


Weather was good (except for about ten minutes of sprinkles somewhere between Lake Shasta and Weed) and the roads clear, and I made very good time, getting in to Medford/Central Point around 10:30 PM. I got a room upgrade to a mini-suite, which means I got the fridge/microwave after all. So I walked down to the truck stop nearby and bought a microwave meal and some milk and brought it back to the room. That's about all I have energy for right now, as I'm completely drained. I'm going to bed in a few minutes. I'm an hour north of where I have typically stopped on this trip, so I'm going to sleep in an hour tomorrow. I'd sleep even later, but if I did, I'd miss breakfast.