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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Sunday, October 10th, 2010

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Rained Out
Both today and yesterday have had lots of rain here in Mehama — too much to get any yard work done, such as hauling all of the wood that I split last summer to the wood shed now that the utility trailer is fixed. Instead, yesterday Lisa and I went into Salem for some errands. Unfortunately, we got to the electronics store after it closed, and the shoe store didn't have Lisa's size. (They say they can have them on Monday evening, so we'll have to run back in and get them then. They did say they'd offer the $20 off coupon that nominally ends on Sunday, though, since we did try to buy the shoes then.) Today thus has much less on tap than I originally expected. I was all set to get kitted up and haul wood or help Lisa with more roof work, but we're not going to do it and also get soaked by a cold rain.

Current Mood: dry

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