October 11th, 2010


Local Wildlife

Just as the Giants were winning Game 3 of the NLDS yesterday, the rain cleared here in Mehama and the sun came out. It was too wet for us to do much other than haul a couple of wheelbarrow loads of gravel over to fill potholes that had shown up in the rain, though. While doing that, I spotted the bunny: what we take to be a feral house rabbit that has somehow managed to survive for some months around here, loping around the neighbor's lawn and nibbling away on it.

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It was not a particularly productive day, but was fairly restful. I just wish we could have accomplished more work around here. It's frustrating not getting the wood that I split under cover, for instance, but I do have the Day Jobbe that pays the bills that I must attend to on weekdays, and the daylight isn't as long as it was during the summer, so I don't have the luxury of four or five hours after work to go split wood or haul logs.
Giants Fanatic

Shoe In

Bad news: The shoes Lisa ordered on Saturday didn't arrive today because the store's inventory-transfer van broke down.

Good news: That means I can stay home and watch the Giants game this afternoon instead of having to drive to Salem to collect Lisa's shoes.
Giants Fanatic

More Torture

The Giants aren't making it easy, but they beat Atlanta and will go on to the National League Championship Series. I don't think they can count on Philadelphia committing so many errors, though.