October 17th, 2010

Let's Split

Wood Work

Back in August, I wrote about rough-splitting the cedar rounds to the point where they could at least be moved, although they were still too large for burning. The idea at the time was that we would rent a splitting machine and spend a weekend feeding the logs into it. However, Lisa reconsidered this for now for various reasons, including the fact that we have at least two years' reserve wood already in burnable size and don't have a pressing need to get the cedar split down more. On the other hand, we really don't want to leave the pile of logs out there all winter to rot, so on Friday and Saturday, Lisa hitched up the utility trailer and we moved the rough-split stuff under cover. The wood shed here has a sort of lean-to arrangement attached to it that will keep the logs out of the rain and let them dry out for a year or two before they're needed. By then, they can either be hand-split more easily or someone can go rent a splitter then and still have an easier time of it.

The utility trailer was out of service for more than a year before we got it repaired and repainted. What a huge difference it makes to have that trailer usable again!

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With the rough-split cedar and the Kevin Eating Tree disposed of after three or four hours of work, we called it a day. Lisa made us a big lunch that I think we'd quite definitely earned. I also felt no guilt at all watching the Giants-Phillies game over at Lisa's father's house, as for today, at least, I'd earned my keep on his property.