October 19th, 2010

Kevin and Lisa


We moved the trailer of cut poplar to the woodshed yesterday afternoon, then used the utility trailer as a platform from which Lisa could work to re-string one of the long amateur radio antennas from a higher branch in one of the trees on the property. That went so late that we ran out of light and didn't actually finish until this afternoon.

I've been too busy working (and watching with half an eye the Giants-Phillies game — Go Giants!) today to do much else.

We need to run out and buy about 100 feet of light line to aid in pulling antenna cables through a conduit between the radio tower and Lisa's father's Ham Shack. We'd put off the errand, but weather forecasts make tomorrow the last dry day during my stay here, so we need to get the line now so we can string it tomorrow, as we'd rather not be dealing with it in the rain.