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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Thursday, October 21st, 2010

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Grumpy Evening
This evening was in practical terms a last opportunity for me to do certain types of computer work for Lisa such as cloning drives and installing software. We're going to be busy all day tomorrow and on Saturday morning, and I leave on Saturday afternoon.

After installing the software and cloning the drive to another drive, Lisa's computer began acting oddly. After some investigation, it looks like it was infected with a virus. I used one of my own machines to start scanning it and it found several more virus problems, and it's now been running for more than an hour scanning the drive. It's not clear what the source of the viruses was; there's a chance that one of the pieces of software (commercial software, yet!) we downloaded was itself from a contaminated site.

Besides this, Lisa asked me to repartition and reformat a couple of hard drives that had been giving her troubles. One of the drives was very reluctant to reformat, and I now have it doing a deep scan that looks like it may take all night to run.

And meanwhile the Giants lost game 5 of the NLCS and now have to go back to Philadelphia. They still are in the driver's seat, but I would have felt better if they'd wrapped it up at home.

Current Mood: grumpy

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