October 27th, 2010


Missed Opportunity

Lisa pointed out to me last night that, given that I have to be in Chicago next week anyway, I should have flown there this Thursday, then flown on my own dime to Columbus to attend the World Fantasy Convention, returning to Chicago on Sunday. In effect, my employer would have paid to get me most of the way to Columbus. She's right, but it hadn't even occurred to me while I was setting up the travel to Chicago that I could have piggybacked a WFC side trip on top of it.

OTOH, I'm certainly glad that I did not need to travel to Chicago yesterday! Whew, what weather!
Menlo WWL

Poke in the Arm

My company plans on giving out free flu shots next week, but (just like last year), I won't be here. While out for a walk this afternoon, I saw that Rite-Aid, like many places, was offering walk-up flu shots, and I decided to get my arm poked and get it over with. There was a bit of paperwork, but I was pleased that they would take my insurance and that my insurance has no co-payment on flu shots, so I was not out of pocket at all. The pharmacist injected the shot, taped me up, and I was on my way. I just wish I'd done it sooner, so as to give it more time to take hold before heading off to Chicago.