October 28th, 2010

Giants Fanatic

Fewer Would Be Nice...

...but I'm predicting that the Giants will win the World Series in six games. I won't be upset if they sweep the way some people are saying after last night's game, but I think the Rangers are better than that. And I reckon there's something to be said for winning the Series at home.
Giants Fanatic

Ambushed by Halloween

This afternoon, we got notice of a "Surprise Halloween Party" to be held tomorrow at work. No warning other than this. I've had no time to put anything together, and I didn't really want to wear my WSFS uniform three years in a row. I could probably roll out the referee uniform again, but instead I have decided to "cheat" in a way on account of the colors match and it's possibly the only time everything will work right and go as the Giants Fan-atic, starting with the hair-on-fire wig shown in my userpic and including all of my orange and black gear.

As I've said for a long time now, if I should somehow manage to lose a hundred pounds, I anticipate celebrating by wearing this costume again, as that's how long ago it was.