November 11th, 2010

Conrunner Kevin


I wish I'd left the office at about 3:30 this afternoon, when I concluded that I'd actually done everything that I needed to do before my four-day weekend that starts tomorrow. By hanging around fiddling with things, by the time I tried to leave, I discovered I was trapped on top of the hill. There was a major accident on CA-92 east bringing the road to a halt, and everyone who knew their way around the area was bailing out at Hillsdale Blvd to make their way down that way. From the backup, I expect that Hillsdale Blvd was backed up all the way from El Camino Real, several miles away. (That section of Hillsdale is not designed to handle much traffic, and it's about a 20% grade to boot.)

I managed to avoid getting trapped on CA-92 East, but my choices were limited. Going down Hillsdale would have been no better than the freeway. Instead, I headed back to my office. I decided that sitting here at my office for an extra hour was somewhat better than spending the same time stuck in freeway traffic. Maybe in a little while, the crowds will have subsided and I can get home in peace. So much for getting home and to bed early.
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Short Weeks Ahead

I just realized that between now and the end of the year, I will have precisely one five-day work week. Every other week (including this one) is either three or four days long, on account of holidays and vacation days I'm taking for OryCon this weekend and SMOFCon at the first weekend of December. The week of December 13-17 is the only full five-day week I have scheduled in all this time.