November 21st, 2010

Kreegah Bundalo

Sick of Work

Except for a brief pop out to buy a small amount of groceries (I won't be home much between now and SMOFCon, thanks to Thanksgiving, SorcerorCon, and SMOFCon, so I did not need much), I've spent most of today fussing over computer models for work and blowing my nose a lot. Yes, I have a cold, presumably contracted from one of my fellow SFSFC directors yesterday.

Speaking of yesterday's meeting, I've posted the revisions to the SFSFC bylaws passed yesterday. The two changes were a change to our fiscal year and modifying how we set the size of the Board of Directors.

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After the main meeting, we held a brief separate meeting to elect officers for next year. After some brief discussion, all incumbents agreed to stick around for another term, nobody else wanted the jobs, and therefore I'm Secretary of SFSFC for another year.