December 2nd, 2010


Glad I Didn't Make a Promise

I had some hope that I might be able to do a webcast or at least a CoverItLive session of the "Fannish Inquisition" at SMOFCon. This is where future Worldcons and bids for same get up in front of the key conrunners of fandom and get grilled about their cons/bids. But because we don't have the large function rooms at our hotel in the evenings (the hotel is getting about $25K for renting them out for a wedding, parties, and banquets), we'll have to hold it across the street in Room K of the San José McEnery Convention Center, where the internet connection isn't free.

Lisa and I will be recording the sessions and will post the videos when we get the opportunity to do so, but that probably won't be until next week when we get back to a strong, dedicated internet connection.
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SMOFCon In Gear

I did my part to help get the "advance night" of SMOFCon 28 going, as I was left in charge of the Hospitality Suite from shortly after 5 PM until about 7 PM when it officially opened while everyone else on the committee who wasn't on the Distillery Tour went out to dinner. With permission, Lisa and I did what I called a "soft open," leaving the door open and inviting SMOFCon attendees to come on in and socialize, but not having Registration open yet (it's not like anyone is going to "crash" the con) and not having much of the food and drink out for use.

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I did consider trying to get up a pick-up poker game going this evening, but here's no good space near Hospitality. If the adjoining room to the main suite had the right sort of table and no bed in it, it would work. The Santa Vesta Room downstairs would also work (and we have access to it and will hold the formal Probability & Statistics Seminar there on Saturday night), but it's difficult to get people away from the Hospitality Suite, and I understand that. Ideally, side functions like this would be just a few steps away; however, there are very few places that have the layout like Chicago and Austin had that facilitated this.