Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

We're a Couple of Cut-Ups

Because I worked on Christmas Eve to give our team coverage, I got to take (most of) today off. After doing a brief job early in the morning, I went back to bed and slept for several hours.

This afternoon, the outside temperature edged up into the upper half of the Celsius 0s, and Lisa suggested we tackle some woodcutting. She got out the electric chainsaw, and we cut up several pallets (ones that were not full of nails; those can't be safely cut with power tools) and reduced the tree that we cut down earlier this year to burnable-sized pieces. The ex-tree is now sitting on a pallet behind the house because I think it probably needs to season for one year before we should burn it. We also tackled several pieces of cord-wood that we bought several years ago that were slightly too large to fit through the door of our wood stove. Lisa cut a couple of them in half so they will fit sideways. Another one was too tough for the chainsaw, but she had an idea. While we don't have a metal wedge for wood splitting, we have a number of used railroad spikes laying about, and she drove a couple of them into a split in that piece with the blank end of the splitting maul. After hammering the spikes into the split, the log finally cracked in two, so we'll be able to burn it.
Tags: lisa, wood

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