Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Salvaged Heat

Today I continued to burn some of the salvaged wood of different types. In general, burning broken-down pallets, scrap lumber (unpainted/untreated), and salvaged wood means paying closer attention to the fire because it tends to burn faster and sometimes hotter.

Oddball Firewood

Here is the root of a tree-of-heaven that we cut down and dug up earlier this year. I decided that 6-8 months was long enough for it to sit around, and tossed it onto the fire today.

Free Heat

It turns out to be difficult to get a good picture of the fire with my camera-phone, but this is what that hunk of junk wood looked like a few minutes after I put it on the coals. I reckon we got around 30-40 minutes of usable heat out of it, or maybe as much as an hour before I had to go get more wood.

The quality of the wood we're burning at the moment is poor, and it produces a lot of ash that has to be dug out of the fireplace, but it is free, aside from our labor in obtaining it, so any non-zero heat content is a win.
Tags: firewood

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