Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Snow Bunny

Last night we had light rain followed by light snow and sub-freezing temperatures, a combination that makes me very glad we did our weekly grocery shopping yesterday and that we do not have to go anywhere today. Even going out to refill the bird feeder seemed like an adventure as I struggled to keep my footing on the icy sidewalk. However, snow and ice did not keep one of our local rabbits from getting out to forage just before dawn.

Spot the Bunny

I had no food for the bunny, and it wouldn't have appreciated me getting out there anyway.

Spot the Bunny

As I made my way back and forth to the bird feeder, the bunny prudently moved away across the field, although it also circled back near the fence. I wonder if rabbits like birdseed?

My antics trying to maintain my balance carrying scoops of birdseed were eventually too much for the bunny, which elected to go foraging somewhere there wasn't a big noisy human to disturb their breakfast.

I have a few hours of work to do today, but fortunately, most of the people at my employer and our customer are taking the day off. There is a virtual around-the-world SF fans New Year's Eve party already going on, and I dropped in briefly to make sure I had my tech set up correct. (I did not; the first time in ages that I forgot to check the audio setup is of course the time that Zoom decided to select a microphone that wasn't actually present). I will probably come back later, although I might have to take a nap to make to to midnight tonight, as thanks to my early morning Day Jobbe hours, I'm typically in bed around 8-9 PM local time.

Return of the Bunny

A few hours later, the snow melted, but the bunny came back for a while.
Tags: holiday, rabbits, snow, wildlife

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