January 1st, 2011

Kuma Bear

A Kuma Bear New Year

We stayed home and had a very quiet New Year's Eve. I'm glad to hear that other people were having fun, like the folks up at MewCon in Portland.

Kuma Bear broke out the can of salmon that we gave him for Christmas. Bear tells how that went.

This morning after breakfast and checking mail, I went out and tackled the pile of fallen branches, trimming the brushy bits and piling the cleaned branches up for later reduction to firewood-sized pieces. I pulled four hand-carts of brush over to the Coal Seam through the remaining snow cover. Although it hasn't snowed for several days, it hasn't warmed up sufficiently here to melt the ground cover. That made me feel I'd really earned my sausage-and-eggs brunch that Lisa cooked up for us when I was finished.