January 23rd, 2011

Westercon 64

Westercon Weekend

Saturday afternoon was the Westercon 64 committee meeting at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose and the first time the committee walked the hotel. I reckon it looked a lot different the weekend before during FurCon!

It was a pretty good meeting, but as such things sometimes do, it left us with as many questions as answers. If things go the way I hope they will, and in particular if we hit our membership projections so we can afford some of the things we want to do, this should be a pretty good convention. If you haven't bought your Westercon membership and have some expectation of attending, please buy it now so we can make good on our plans!

In particular, we have brainstormed a couple of what I think would be very fun uses for the Club Regent room (that's the former cabaret on the ground floor). The room is just about perfect for the things I've proposed; however, we can't commit to them yet. Many more discussions will follow.

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