February 11th, 2011


Commuting to Corflu

I managed to get down to Corflu this afternoon and evening. Not a lot was happening in the late afternoon, but I helped ice down the sodas and bheer. I also was the stand in to make sure the UStream feed from the convention was pointing in the right place for the Opening Ceremonies. And speaking of which, I did not pay to have my name removed from the drawing to be Guest of Honor, but my name was not selected, and thus Corflu can continue. (I've suggested that if I'm ever Corflu's guest of honor — I've attended about five of them — Old Tyme Fanzine Fandom will declare the Final Death of Fandom As We Know It.)

Andy Hooper will be putting on another of his radio plays tomorrow night, and I volunteered to take a part. I only wish I'd remembered to carry the cheapest of our tripods — the one I took to Australia — back from Oregon. If I'd done so, I'd take my camera with me tomorrow and record the play as well.

I'm commuting to the convention tonight (about a 20 mile one-way trip). Tomorrow night only, I'm staying in a hotel, but not the con hotel. I'm staying a bit down the way at a Holiday Inn Express in my quest for the suitcase full of Priority Club points. It's also the first time I get to use my new 15-year service award from work (the rolling duffel bag).

Fortunately for me, there's nothing needs my attendance early tomorrow, so I will not be under a huge amount of time pressure. And while there is wi-fi available at the hotel, I don't know if I'll be online much tomorrow.