February 13th, 2011

WSFS Captain 2

Typecasting at Corflu

I had a complete blast this evening at Corflu, where I participated in the performance of Andy Hooper's radio play His Ghu Friday, a pastiche of The Front Page and His Girl Friday set at Chicon 26, where nefarious Worldcon chairman Lyle Barkenhorst plots to continue the stranglehold that Chicago has had on the Worldcon (having hosted 18 in a row by bribing fan groups to keep postponing action on changes to the site selection rules that would break Chicago's monopoly). His target is Julian Basenji, Euroblogger extraordinaire, who has information that will blow the lid off the corrupt conspiracy.

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The show was so much fun and I was so wired up (as I usually am after a successful performance; it's quite a rush when everything works) that it wasn't until well after midnight that I realized that it was very late, I'm commuting to the con (albeit only two miles each way tonight), and I'd better try to get some sleep. I made my goodbyes from the crowded Corflu Con Suite and heading for the hotel in which I'm staying tonight on the Quest For Points.

Now I'm finally wound down sufficiently that I might soon be able to get some sleep.

Home from Corflu

I did not hang around too long after the Awards Ceremony/Guest of Honor Presentation/Closing Ceremony at Corflu, as I found myself surprisingly tired. I say "surprisingly" because I got more sleep last night than I've normally been getting these past few weeks, despite not getting to bed until after 1 AM.

I'd agreed to collect used Corflu badge holders (for those people who don't save theirs) for use by FOGCon, which has asked for contributions to help them economize on start-up costs. I had therefore made a box with a sign to that effect and Chairman Chris Garcia announced the drop-your-badge scheme during the closing festivities. He graciously agreed that I didn't need to hang about all afternoon and that he'd bring the box-o-badges to BASFA tomorrow night, so I headed home.

Once I got unpacked and checked my mail, I found myself falling asleep. I fell into bed at 5 PM and slept for a bit more than two hours before waking back up. Feeling a little better, I got back up and made sure the video I shot of the play last night came out okay. Somewhat to my surprise on account of us not using any amplification, the audio came out pretty well. What didn't work out as well as I would have liked was the video quality. This was primarily because the room itself was dark, even with the lights turned as bright as they seemed able to go. Still, it being a radio play, the audio is what matters anyway. I put it into MovieMaker, added front and end titles, trimmed the rhubarb at the start and end off, and as I compose this my other computer is turning it into something I hope to be able to upload to Vimeo tomorrow. I'll post here and on corflu when it's ready for downloading.
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Kevin 1994

Who He? Yes, He Who!

Based on a conversation I had at Corflu, I think it's time I remind people who read my LJ that I was involved with two amateur Doctor Who movies in my college days at CSU Chico, and that I've made the movies available on Vimeo. The first, "The Zombie Legions," features me as Tom Baker's version of The Doctor. The more-or-less sequel, "Those Darn Daleks," transitions my Doctor to a far-future version of the Traveling Timelord and takes a, shall we say, tongue-in-cheek view of the dangerous pepperpots of the cosmos. I directed both movies, which were produced by my good friend Rick Hallock.

Both movies are in three parts, each part around 20-30 minutes. I've uploaded each part separately, along with the "making of" and preview videos that we made as well.

The Zombie Legions, Part 1
The Zombie Legions, Part 2
The Zombie Legions, Part 3
The Making of The Zombie Legions

Preview: Those Darn Daleks
Those Darn Daleks, Part 1
Those Darn Daleks, Part 2
Those Darn Daleks, Part 3