May 12th, 2011

Girl Genius

Westercon Logistics

As the Foglios' guest liaison for Westercon 64, one of my jobs will be to collect them from the San José train station when their train from Seattle arrives the day before the convention. Lisa and I got to talking about the logistics of her coming down with all of her gear and how we were going to get moved in to the hotel. The plan is for her to come to my office, transfer her stuff to my van, and then the two of us can go to the Fairmont, leaving her vehicle at my office. The more I thought about it, the less I could see any practical way to do this and also deal with the Foglios. Parking is not free in downtown San Jose, so having Lisa drive directly to the hotel would end up costing money, too. Upon reflection, we decided that it would be better if we moved in a day early — two days before the convention starts — so that we have everything cleared out of my van for the following morning. I was able to add an additional hotel night, and it's pretty much a wash on expenses, since parking the second vehicle for the run of the convention would cost about as much as an additional hotel night, and besides, we'll be in much more relaxed position this way.
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Hugo Questions Answered

I'm going to be recording a podcast this weekend answering more questions about the Hugo Awards, in particular those that popped up this year after the nominations were announced. See Cheryl's post for details and post any questions you'd like us to address there.

Because of some over-sensitive people, I will state for the record that I'm appearing there in my personal capacity and that my opinions do not necessarily reflect those of WSFS Mark Protection Committee, or the Hugo Awards Marketing Committee (I'm a member of both of these), nor of any Worldcon committee. I don't know how some people have got it into their heads that everything I say must be Official WSFS Policy, but it's not.
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