June 10th, 2011

Let's Split


This week has been very busy. The weather relented somewhat, which made it possible to move forward on various weather-delayed projects like the burn pile and mowing (we mowed a lot of grass yesterday evening). But the big event was the Cargo Container.

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Initially, this container will be temporary storage for Lisa's things as she consolidates them from various places on the property. After she moves out, then it will be a new storage shed for Lisa's father, who paid for the gravel and container with the approval of Lisa's brother.
Hugo Logo

Those Insignificant Hugos

Mike Glyer takes on yet another attack on the Hugo Awards based on assumptions that unless tens of thousands of people attend your convention, it doesn't matter, and if it costs anything at all to vote, it's irrelevant, and only awards for movies and television mean anything, since nobody actually reads books.

Okay, yes, I'm overstating it a bit, but it does get my goat when people come in and essentially say, "Give me control over the awards you folks worked so hard to build up for more than fifty years, since I don't really want to pay for anything at all."