June 12th, 2011

Kevin and Lisa

Trailer Trash

Today's headline task was to use the rebuilt utility trailer to haul scrap metal, including four old engine blocks, to the Marion County Waste Transfer/Recycle Center. They accept scrap metal for free. So this morning I drove my van over to near the site of yesterday's Towing Travails and backed it into place. Lisa cranked the trailer down on the tow hitch and plugged in the connector. The running lights didn't work.

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Unexpectedly heavy rain began to fall as we headed back toward Mehama, which washed out plans to do some more mowing and get the Big Orange Van unloaded in preparation for having it towed to Portland for repairs. As usual, nothing happens quickly around here. But it's good to get that utility trailer moving again, because I expect this won't be the last trip we make with stuff for the recycle facility, or even possibly more trash beyond the capacity of the dumpster here.
Match Game SF

MGSF Time Change: 2:30 Saturday

In order to fit better with other events including Westercon's Guests of Honor, the Saturday Match Game SF has been moved to 2:30 PM, not the initially-announced 4 PM. The program slot is 90 minutes, so we'll probably run between 60 and 75 minutes in order to give us enough time to do move-out. We'll certainly need help with the setup from 2 PM and for move out starting right after the show ends on Saturday.

Sunday's Late Night show is still set for 10 PM after Girl Genius Radio Theatre, and has no firm end time on account of there's nothing after us, but will probably run 90 minutes or so not including tear-down.