June 30th, 2011

Girl Genius

Moving Right Along

Last night, Lisa and I poked our heads into Club Regent, where Westercon will have Programming, Match Game, and Girl Genius Radio Theatre on Saturday and Sunday. I do hope that the Loud Music in the hotel bar isn't there on the weekend, but I'm fearing that it will be. I recall that for World Fantasy Con, we had to pay the hotel extra to make the music go away, which doesn't make sense to me, but that's hotels for you.

I was running on the verge of being late to get the Foglios from the San José Diridon train station this morning, not helped by the line at the coffee stand. (This Fairmont hotel room has no in-room coffee maker.) However, I got there ten minutes before the scheduled arrival, and it turns out I needn't have hurried. While the train had been on time all the way from Seattle, when it got to Oakland there was a 40 minute delay to add/drop equipment.

Standing on the platform in my Coast Starlight polo shirt, I had to carefully tell people asking me questions that "I don't work here, but..." and try to help.

The train came along and Phil, Kaja, Victor, and Alex arrived safely. We got their checked luggage into my van and I drove them over to the Fairmont and made sure they got into their suite. The convention doesn't start until tomorrow, so there's nothing planned for them today and they have it to themselves.

I have some small commitments of my own later today, like delivering sign to Ops for mounting and placement, and a few more Guest Liaison jobs left, but not a whole lot. I'm trying to not get too wound up over things, but for a Type A person like me, it's not easy.
Girl Genius

Westercon Under Way

The convention doesn't start officially until Friday at Noon with the Opening Ceremonies, but ConOps and Registration were open this afternoon, the Anime Program is already going, and the Hospitality Suite in 1905 was open for a limited "preview" service tonight. The Dealers and Art Show were in setup mode this afternoon, and the Early Bird fans have started showing up. So we have a convention!

The map posters I made didn't have big enough arrows on them, so someone decided to hand-enlarge them. If I'd had a bit longer (and fewer other major distractions in my life), I might have been able to do a better job of it, but it will work. I wish I'd known where Hospitality was going to be so I could have put it on the posters. The posters are mostly a map of the Ballroom level, but I remembered to put a box on it saying the "Club Regent is on the Ground Floor," that being the only function room we're using that's not on the Ballroom level.