July 13th, 2011


Needed Distraction

I needed something to take my mind off of the highly unpleasant and stressful things otherwise going on in my life right now, so I tied off this loose end from Westercon.

During Westercon, someone asked me for "gotchas" about taking the train to Reno. Among them was the scary bit of getting from the train station to the bus terminal where the local buses run down to the Atlantis. Now I'm not at all a fan of buses, but Reno's system is pretty painless. It's about 200 steps from the train station to the bus terminal. The only fault is that you can't take the straight-line route between the two because the only doors on that route are alarmed emergency exits. Instead, you have to go out the main door which is on the opposite side of the building and across the tracks (which are in a depressed trench), then walk around the building toward the buses. There is no signage at the exit of the Amtrak station that I noticed (except for Amtrak's own connecting buses to Sacramento, but that doesn't count).

So I used the Gmaps Pedometer tool to create the walking route, and posted a link to it on the Renovation LJ. It is of course a trivial walk; the distance is comparable to the walk on the skywalk between the Atlantis and Convention Center, but if it helps anyone feel less anxious about taking the train to a city bus in a city they've never seen before, I'll feel I accomplished something. And right now, I need some accomplishments.

(I reckon that if I wasn't still feeling some of the residual glow from the compliments from Westercon, I'd be a basket case right now.)