July 17th, 2011

No Naked Visitors

Darn Dog

As I have to spend a couple more nights in Yuba City after all, I checked back into the hotel where I stayed last night. I got an ordinary room this time, which is just fine because it has a 'fridge and microwave unlike the huge-but-empty suite I had before.

Two rooms down from me, someone has left their dog cooped up. The dog has been yipping away for more than two hours now. It was barking when I ate dinner and still barking when I came back from a post-dinner walk. When I went down to the lobby to get some Splenda and creamer for the in-room coffee service, the desk clerk was talking on the phone obviously to another hotel guest complaining about the dog.

I can't say I think much of people who would lock their dog up in a hotel room all day like that. I hope that they come back soon and quiet their dog down. It's cruel to the dog and inconsiderate to the other guests.
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