July 24th, 2011


Just Missed

I found the offer code for the 2-for-1 nights at the Atlantis, and booked myself a $69/night stay + 1 free night for the two nights before my existing reservation for during Renovation. I also wanted to try booking a $59/night stay + 1 free night for the two nights after the existing Worldcon reservation (which is something like $159/night as I recall), but unfortunately one of the offer restrictions is that you have to have seven nights between stays, and my Worldcon booking was for only six nights, so that's out. Pity. I prefer when I can afford it to have the night after the Worldcon ends in the hotel to make moving out easier, and figured if the second night was free, even if we left a day early it wouldn't matter. But we'll probably need to get moving along anyway, what with housing issues and such.