July 31st, 2011

Conrunner Kevin

Household Hardware

In the midst of the major issues besetting me right now, I have had some minor ones as well, like the sticking starter solenoid that my mechanic will replace tomorrow. One of the latest ones this week was that the toilet seat broke in the one of the bathrooms in the apartment. A couple of days ago, I walked over to the nearby hardware store and bought a new seat, and this afternoon I opened it up and started to install it.

How in the world I would end up buying a round ivory-colored seat when I have an elongated oval white toilet, I do not know. But fortunately, the folks at Dale Hardware (I got there only ten minutes before closing; good think they're right across the street!) had no problem exchanging it for the correct seat and all is well again.

By my reckoning, problems with the plumbing that I didn't cause are the landlord (or the complex's) fault, but stuff like broken toilet seats, although in this case it was just a rusty screw, are something the tenant should take care of.