August 1st, 2011

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Hugo Awards Ceremony Live Coverage

For a change, we can actually officially announce before Worldcon actually starts our plans for live coverage of the Hugo Awards ceremony. This is of course subject to the promised technology working: in particular, we need to be able to get a wi-fi signal in the Tuscany Ballroom or else if the convention has managed to get a wired internet connection, to be able to connect to it.

Even though I'll have Mur Lafferty helping me and at least one "studio host" working off site to moderate comments, I expect to be extremely busy during the ceremony, because I'll also be the person sending tweets to @TheHugoAwards. And I'll have to get the official results online right after the ceremony. And I have to be at Match Game SF right after the ceremony as well. If we start Match Game a little late this year, I hope y'all will understand.

Meanwhile, remember that if you're Tweeting about The Hugo Awards to use the #hugos hashtag (or #hugoaward but that takes more characters) -- if you leave off the final "s" your post will be swamped with posts about the President of Venezuela or a German fashion and lifestyle house.