August 7th, 2011

Match Game SF

Question Blanks

I went through what Match Game SF stuff I brought home with me — most of it is in short-term storage at the Moana Lane storage place near the Peppermill in Reno — and it appears that I left the blank index cards up there. I'll have to buy another package of blank index cards in order to print more questions for our show at Worldcon.

And speaking of questions, remember that I'm always looking for more Match Game questions. Remember that questions are not trivia questions with one-and-only-one answer, but questions that could have multiple possible answers and preferably ones that make people laugh.

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Questions should, of course, have something to do with science fiction, fantasy, fandom, or related subjects like science.
Match Game SF

Match Game At Renovation

I just noticed that while the detailed program schedule for Renovation lists Match Game SF (10 PM Sunday, after the Hugo Awards), it leaves off the room assignment, although you can find it elsewhere in the Pocket Program.

Match Game SF will be in the Peppermill Hotel, Sorento 2-4. The starting time is approximate following the Hugo Awards because some of us involved with Match Game are either participants in the Hugo Ceremony or are reporting on it.