August 13th, 2011

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Hugo Eligibility Amendment

As I expected, a WSFS constitutional amendment disqualifying Mark Protection Committee and subcommittee members from Hugo Award eligibility has been submitted to the WSFS Business Meeting. This is effectively the converse of the resolution ordering the MPC to rescind the disqualification rule it adopted last year.

So the battle lines are drawn: If you think there's no reason MPC/HAMC members shouldn't be able to win a Hugo Award themselves, you want to vote for resolution 4.1.2 and against 4.2.4. The first resolution will come up for its final vote at the Preliminary Business Meeting on Thursday. The second, a constitutional amendment, will only come up for initial consideration. An Objection to Consideration could be lodged against it, but that requires a 2/3 vote against consideration and is unlikely to work, although you might try it anyway.

Assuming 4.2.4 doesn't get squashed, I expect to offer a number of amendments to it on Thursday, starting with an amendment that would remove the existing firewall separating the rest of the Worldcon committee from the Hugo Administration Subcommittee. My reasoning is that if a completely independent organization that is clearly defined as not being part of the current Worldcon is supposedly subject to a conflict of interest, then certainly every member of the actual Worldcon committee has the same conflict of interest.

If 4.2.4 survives the Preliminary Business Meeting, it will come up for debate and passage relatively late on Friday. Yes, if all of the submitted business makes it through to Friday and if everyone uses all of their available debate time, it could get to be a very long meeting.

It does help that two of the items-passed-on are technical changes that are unlikely to be controversial and that I expect will be ratified by unanimous consent.

Update, 1100: Inserted a word that should have been there and was pointed out in comments.
Business Meeting

Business Meeting Scheduling: Preliminary Meeting

I'm promoting this up from a comment I made a few days ago.

The WSFS Business Meetings are scheduled for 10 AM - 1 PM on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and (if necessary, but it hasn't been necessary since 1992) Sunday. There are many items on the agenda. Many people want to participate in specific items, but can't set aside three hours a day to sit around waiting for their item to come up. What they want to know is "When will item X happen?"

Unfortunately, it's very difficult to predict exactly when a particular item will come up. Business will be taken up in order, but there's no guarantee of when things will be specifically scheduled, and the meeting can also rearrange the order in which things happen. There's no easy way to schedule things like a tennis tournament ("Not Before ##:##")

I'm going to try here to give some rough guesses as to what will happen when. If you take this as a firm schedule, you're risking missing something you want to do. And remember that the Business Meeting can, generally speaking, reorder the agenda except in some areas where the WSFS Constitution or standing rules prohibit it.

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This is long enough that I'm going to post a separate message about the Friday Main Business Meeting.

Update, 1135: Put in something about the Semiprozine committee report, which I hadn't calculated in the first version.
Business Meeting

Business Meeting Scheduling: Main Meeting

The Friday Main Business Meeting's agenda will look like this, roughly. Remember that the Preliminary BM will have set debate time limits on each item, and it may reorder the agenda or (not likely) set "not before" orders on any specific item.

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So unless people can convince the PBM to write in "not before" scheduling for specific items, it's going to be pretty difficult to say "Be there at 10 AM for ten minutes, then you can go away until 11:00, then come back again at 12:30." However, if we get close to 1 PM and aren't done, the meeting will probably adjourn and punt the remainder of the agenda to Saturday's meeting.
Business Meeting

Business Meeting Scheduling: Site Selection Meeting

Although the Day 3 meeting is generally called the Site Selection Business Meeting, it can also handle any business left over from the previous day. Given the number of proposals submitted this year, I wouldn't be surprised to see business left over from yesterday. Also in the mix is that the Worldcon Chairs Photo Op is scheduled to happen at/during this meeting, where it can be fit into the mix.

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This meeting's timetable is even more vague than the previous two, due to all of the uncertainty in what happens on Thursday and Friday.
Conrunner Kevin

Waiting Game

There's not much else I can do before I leave tomorrow morning. I can't put anything else in the van because the remaining bags and boxes are waiting for things I can't put in until tomorrow morning.

I've made complete clone backups of both my personal computer (which I'm taking with me) and my work computer (which I'm not, but I'm taking the clone and the connector cable in case there happens to be something on that drive that I need). I'm leaving one clone of my personal machine in the fire safe and taking the other one with me. There's even a spare Dell D600 laptop in the bottom of the box of computer stuff in case my main machine fails on me. I know that even this isn't enough because after Denvention 3, both backup drives failed somehow, but this is all I can think of doing without trying to carry my entire apartment with me.

Lisa called this afternoon while I was running errands to tell me that she was pulling out of Mehama with the little pickup in tow. I should try to get to bed early so I can get started very early tomorrow morning up to Reno.

Thus begins the two-week adventure of Worldcon + House Moving. I sort of wish I was leaving now but it wouldn't do a whole lot of good to leave tonight other than to spend another hotel night and this trip is going to be expensive enough as it is.