August 19th, 2011

WSFS Captain 2

Attending Renovation

I'd sort-of like to apologize to those who might have been expecting a detailed report of the results of the WSFS Business Meeting within minutes or even a couple of hours of its adjournment this afternoon. But instead Lisa and I went off and had lunch with Don Eastlake and Linda Deneroff, and then I spent today simply wandering around the convention enjoying myself. After going back to the hotel room to check my blood sugar after lunch, I decided to put on my WSFS uniform again, and I was out until almost 8 PM. Lisa spent much of the afternoon sitting at the Luna Society table with her friend Chris Carson, before heading back to the hotel for a nap.

As I compose this, I am downloading the video from today's meeting's master shot from my camera, and if all goes as I hope, there will be a video by tomorrow morning on Vimeo, and I expect to compose a Business Meeting Report later tonight, but not right now. I'm busy attending Worldcon on what turns out to be the most lightly-scheduled day of the five for me.

Main Business Meeting Report

The Main WSFS Business Meeting at Renovation used most of the 3-hour program slot, but managed to resolve all substantive business other than Site Selection by the end of the meeting.

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Relatively speaking, with the exception of the debate over whether site selection e-voting should be allowed under any circumstances, the ratifications breezed through, and we'd gotten through most of the day's agenda only 35 minutes after the call to order. However, now we got to New Business, and things got messy.

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Summary of New Business:
  • Best Fancast Hugo Award: Passed 75-11

  • Semiprozine/Fanzine Changes: Passed after amendments to Fanzine definition, 60-4

The meeting adjourned at 12:36 PM, having finally disposed of all substantive business except Site Selection. That will be formally announced at Saturday's Site Selection Meeting, where the newly-seated Worldcon will announce its guests of honor and answer opening questions. After that it will be Question Time for next year's Worldcon, and also for bids for future Worldcons.

No other substantive business is expected at Saturday's meeting. The Worldcon Chairs Photo Session will be in the same room no earlier than 11 AM, and about 20 minutes after that the Mark Protection Committee will meet in the same room. The MPC meeting scheduled for Sunday is therefore cancelled.

I'm uploading video of the meeting now (than Ghod for a higher-bandwidth wired connection at this hotel!) and will post about it when it's available.