August 23rd, 2011


In Posession

We drove to Fernley this morning, picked up the key, and as planned, parked Lisa's pickup and my van inside the garage. The garage door lock is broken, so Lisa had to improvise a way to secure the garage door, but we managed.

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Close to 11 PM, we finally rolled in to Klamath Falls and to the hotel. Everything went smoothly, the room is fine (although it was very stuffy until we got the air-conditioning going), and Lisa was in bed and asleep within twenty minutes. I expect to join her pretty soon. However, I've had to set the alarm for 8 AM on account of we need to get some laundry done here in the hotel if we can. (At least we should be able to do laundry while eating breakfast.) Doing laundry at Lisa's father's house is too uncomfortable anymore with her under eviction notice, and we're nearly out of clean clothes and need to get caught up now while we get a chance before we check out tomorrow and go back to Mehama and get ready to move Lisa's home to Fernley.
Pensive Kevin

RIP Bill Trojan

This morning, as I was finishing my final trip to pack out of the hotel room and into our vehicles (it took six trips, I think; I lost count) and was heading back into the hotel to check out, I ran into John Lorentz and Ruth Sachter, who told me the sad news that Bill Trojan had died last night, where his roommate found him dead (probably of a heart attack or similar; no news at the moment) when he came back to their hotel room. I'd spoken with Bill several times during the convention, and he even made a point of coming to the WSFS Business Meetings and voting in support of proposals I was backing, for which I was grateful. Very sad, but he did say that he'd enjoyed the convention, so I guess he died relatively happy.
Kevin and Lisa

Last Overnight in Mehama

Because of the time it took to get the laundry done, we didn't leave Klamath Falls until after Noon. Including a fuel and lunch stop at Chemult and a couple other short rest stops along the way, we took around six hours to get to Mehama. We'll be here either two or three nights, preferably only two. We pick up the rental truck tomorrow at Noon in Salem and have the rest of tomorrow and whatever it takes on Thursday to pack it. If all does as planned, we'll pull out of Mehama (Lisa pulling the trailer behind her Big Orange Van and me pulling a small utility trailer behind the rental truck) sometime on late Thursday afternoon, with the plan being to get to Fernley late Friday.

This will be my final overnight trip to Mehama after many years of visiting and living part-time here. There are both good and bad memories here. We may be back again for short visits (or at least to retrieve anything that won't fit in the vehicles on this trip), but those stays will either be single-day or involve staying in a hotel in Salem. While Lisa has wanted to move for a while, having to pull up roots roughly a year earlier than she expected to have to do so is very painful for her.
Kevin and Lisa

Not Everything Is Public

Promoted and paraphrased from a reply to an anonymous comment: Not everything I post in this LJ is public. Some things are friends-locked for very good reasons that the people reading them know about. If you know me and if you want to read them, you need to sign up for a LiveJournal account (there are free accounts) and you'll need me to "friend" you.

Short version of recent complex events: Lisa has been asked to leave her father's property where she has lived for more than twenty years by the end of this month. I have purchased a home in Fernley, Nevada (look it up; you can use Google Maps as well as anyone else) and we are moving Lisa there this week. I have not been fired from my job in the Bay Area. I continue to work for my employer there as I have been since 1994, and I expect to continue to do so. I have not been evicted from my apartment in Fremont, although there's a strong probability that I will be moving voluntarily somewhere else when the lease runs out next spring.

The rest is stuff I'd really rather not have floating where any casual Google search on my all-but-unique name can see it, thank you. If you really have deeper questions and aren't prepared to join LiveJournal, you can e-mail me for more information.

Not grumpy; just tired from having rode in the heat all day from Klamath Falls to Mehama.