August 24th, 2011

Kevin and Lisa

Moving Out

This morning, we went into Salem and picked up the rental truck, it being the largest truck that I can drive on a personal driving license that Budget rents. We then went back to Mehama and spent most of the day until after dark (Lisa rigged up lights so we could work after dark), stopping only for meals and brief rest breaks, and succeeded in moving nearly everything except some loose bits that don't fit in the boxes we have handy into the truck. That's not everything that has to go, but it is the largest piece.

Lisa had spent much of the past couple of months putting everything she could into "bankers boxes" and that made a very big difference today, as I can move four boxes at a time from the storage container into the truck by trundling it up the loading ramp on the hand-cart. (With Lisa guiding me, I managed to get the truck backed up close enough that the ramp lands inside the container, so it's relatively easy to roll stuff from the container into the truck.) I didn't keep track of the boxes or take pictures, but it's a lot.

Tomorrow we have to see if we can find boxes big enough for the stuff too big for banker's boxes, load other things that were not in the container, get some very heavy and large things like the engine hoist into the utility trailer that I will tow behind the rental truck, and move everything that won't fit in either the truck or trailer into the cargo container, because Lisa is taking for granted that if it is not in the container or in the truck or trailer, then it's gone forever as she expects her brother and sister to throw everything else away. She keeps beating herself up over what a mess she's leaving the old house, but I keep telling her that her brother has brought it upon himself by forcing Lisa out so quickly. You don't live somewhere for twenty years and then suddenly up and leave in a few weeks easily.

Besides all of that, of course Lisa has to finish securing the travel trailer for moving, as she'll be pulling it behind her truck. She's rigged one of her CB radios in the moving van so that we can convoy more easily. If all goes well, we'll be pulling out of here sometime late tomorrow afternoon. We'd like to get as far as Klamath Falls, but I'm checking out hotels in Chemult as well, just in case. It's at least five or six hours from Mehama to K-Falls, especially as we can't exceed 55 MPH while towing even on the freeway, Lisa wouldn't want to go any faster even if she could, and I'll be surprised if I can maintain even that speed over OR-58, especially after Oakridge.