August 28th, 2011

Kevin and Lisa

No Time

We're in Fernley. The moving truck is unloaded. Lisa's trailer is ensconced in an RV park. There's internet connectivity in the RV park. We've had Too Many Adventures, but no catastrophes, and the unloading, at least, went much better than I expected. But I simply don't have enough hours to write about it, as much as I want to do so. Maybe I'll have time later to go write back-dated entries, but given the way I write, it's going to be a challenge.

If you've been waiting for a response to e-mails from me for the past three days, I'm sorry, but I'm simply not at a computer on the internet as much as I usually am, and I won't be for another day at least.
Kevin and Lisa

Key Server Failure

I'm back in Fremont after a 5 1/2-hour drive from Fernley and a couple of fruitless trips to the Reno storage locker. Yesterday, as we'd cleared the moving truck early, we figured we could take advantage of it and run in to Reno to the storage locker (which is, as some of you may recall, on Moana Lane, roughly in between the Atlantis and Peppermill Hotels) and get everything. When we got to the locker, none of the keys on my key ring would open the locker. Unfortunately for me, I have several different very similar style keys, which fit door locks in Fremont, Fernley, Mehama, and Reno.

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I figured I must have left the key ring with the Reno key in Fernley, so we drove the rental truck back to Fernley, where the only other key ring there didn't have the right key. I decided that maybe one of the keys on my master key ring was right after all and we went back to Reno again in the rental truck. No joy. None of the keys Lisa and I have fit the lock in the storage, and we'd wasted two round-trips Fernley-Reno. Well, maybe not totally wasted. The air conditioning in the truck did a better job of cooling us down than the A/C in the trailer (less volume to cool per unit cooling ability), and we went to the Atlantis Friday night seafood buffet for a birthday dinner for me. (Would you believe that I never ate at the buffet at the Atlantis during the entire run of Renovation?)

So today we returned the rental truck to Budget, to a facility on Gentry Way, again conveniently located to the Atlantis/Peppermill area, with Lisa following in my van. We figured we'd go over to the locker and ask their office what we can do about keys, figuring that we'd probably have to pay for a locksmith. This was when we discovered that while the automatic gates are open daily, the office is closed on Sundays. (It's open on Saturday, but had closed a few minutes before we got there on Saturday afternoon.) Yet another wasted trip! So now I'm going to have to pay another month's rent on the locker because I can't get there before the end of the month to sort things out. And speaking of sorting things out, we need to try and figure out what happened to the locker key. It's very annoying. Indeed, I need to do a complete re-sort on the keys I'm carrying, as I'm utterly overloaded, including having keys for locks that I don't think exist any more.

Slow Of Mind

When I picked up the rental truck in Salem a few days ago, it was clearly badly worn. The left-front headlight casing was bodged together with heavy tape, and the check-out form confirmed that the truck had dents and dings all over it. Lisa was very worried about the horribly worn front tires, which actually had gouges in the sidewall, but we took it anyway because we couldn't afford the day's delay that would have come from waiting. While talking to the Budget rental agent about where we were going, she said something about "lots of dirt roads" on our planned route, which was strange to me because while OR-39/CA-139/US-395 from Klamath Falls to Reno are sometimes a bit desolate, they're all paved highways, but I didn't think about it much at the time.

Two days later, while passing through Alturas, refueling, and observing a sign in one of the parking lots, the light dawned.

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When we returned that truck, the receiving agent was horrified at the condition of the tires and said they wouldn't let it out again until they were fixed. Lisa was worried the whole trip that I was going to have a blow-out. The truck also had a lot of loose plastic panels, although this wasn't such an obvious problem until after we'd emptied it because when empty it tended to bounce all over the road.

One of Us

I appreciate all of the people who sent me birthday wishes yesterday on my 46th birthday; however, what with moving and all I wasn't really in the best position to appreciate things. We're just too busy. But as I mentioned earlier, we did go to the Atlantis and had their big seafood buffet. As usual, travelswithkuma sat between Lisa and me looking at his keno ticket. While Lisa was going back for seconds, a woman in a familiar-looking t-shirt walked by and said how cute the Bear looked. Lisa came back and I chased down the passing woman, who was looking over some of the selections. Sure enough, she was wearing a Renovation t-shirt.

I said, "You didn't give me a chance to say thank you — we're part of the same tribe!" I explained that we'd also been at the Worldcon, and she remembered hearing about Match Game SF and thus had a reference for me. She was a local who attended the convention; it was her second Worldcon (ConFrancisco clear back in 1993 was her first), and she said she had a great time. Unfortunately, she said, "I hope you guys decide to bring it back here again soon," having utterly missed how Worldcon sites are selected. I did try to give her the brief outline, but (as I've found before), the fact that we don't have a Board of Directors selecting sites by some Master Plan of Rotation is mind-boggling to many people, including plenty of fans. People assume that of course there's some distant central organizing group that is In Charge making the plans, and all of this bidding stuff goes right over their heads. As I pointed out to her, "In one sense, if you want Reno to host Worldcon again, you probably have to go out and bid for it yourself," a prospect that did not fill her with joy.

Still, it was nice to see more locals who enjoyed the convention. I just hope we can convert them to stay interested and/or travel to conventions more than commuting distance away.