August 30th, 2011

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Planes, Trains, and Rental Trucks

For Round 2 of the Mehama Moving Frenzy, I have been able to take another day off from work and rearrange my schedule. Unfortunately, I can't get the reduced rate for the rental truck because I'm renting at a busy time, which isn't that surprising since other people are doing what I'm doing and working it around the Labor Day holiday.

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After that, I have no more time off left and I much concentrate on the Day Jobbe for a while.

There were somewhere between 70 and 100 Bankers Boxes in Round 1, with about the same volume in other, less-regularly-shaped boxes. Round 2 is for the more odd-sized things that didn't fit into Bankers Boxes and large objects like the engine hoist and other stuff that didn't fit into the first truck at all. This time, if we run out of space or time, anything that doesn't fit in the truck must go into the storage container so that we have some hope of being able to retrieve it eventually when we can make another trip to Oregon.
Kuma Bear

Blue Light Bear

On the evening of the Hugo Awards, I spotted Leigh Ann Hildebrand in a beautiful dress decorated with dozens of blue LEDs. It was very striking. The following evening at the BASFA meeting in the Con Suite during the Dead Dog party, Leigh Ann came and distributed the glowing LEDs, which were made by securing the LEDs to watch batteries with Velcro dots. I wore mine for a while, but when Lisa arrived with travelswithkuma we just had to give it to the Bear.

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Lisa says that Kuma Bear is very taken with his Blue Light. We came up with several different names for him before it dawned on me that there's a very plausible story here surrounding anime.

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So we have been variously calling Kuma "Blue Light Bear" and "Magical Ursine Kuma Bear" all week. Lisa says Bear doesn't mind being considered both special and magical.