September 4th, 2011

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Better Documentation

One result of the exchange about the BDP Short Hugo a couple of days ago is that I asked the rest of the Hugo Awards Marketing Committee if we could do a better job of documenting the practical situation with the two BDP categories. This led to us adding a new item to the Hugo Awards FAQ (scroll to the bottom for the new one) that translates constitutional language (which is admittedly somewhat obscure at times and may need some knowledge of its legislative history to fully appreciate) into a sort of checklist of how to interpret the two categories. I'm sure that this won't satisfy people who really believe that there shouldn't be multiple nominations out of the same television series in the same year or that 90 minutes should represent an absolute barrier not to be crossed in either direction for any reason whatsoever (and that it's trivially easy to determine the running length of any work, just as the word count of a written fiction work is never disputable). But for people capable of seeing shades of gray, here at least is something that might help.
Kevin and Lisa

Halfway There: No Drama Today

We set off from the hotel in Sublimity this morning with no drama at all. We confirmed that the running lights still worked. Even with a bunch of stops, we made good time. Indeed, after we refueled at Chemult, I realized that we might even show up at Klamath Falls too early and not be able to check in. Lisa proposed that we stop at the Collier Memorial State Park Logging Museum. I readily agreed, as I've wanted to visit there every time I've passed it but never had the time. Today, we had the time, and we spent about two hours at the museum.

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Technically, we could probably have pushed hard and driven the entire 500-plus miles to Fernley today, but I think we would have been dangerously exhausted had we tried it. As it was, I had to ask Lisa to drive us from Oakridge to Chemult because I found myself starting to fall asleep at the wheel on OR-58 this morning. Taking the trip in two 250-mile relatively easy chunks is safer. And besides, I have the Priority Club points; I should use them for something useful like a nice comfortable hotel room.