September 5th, 2011

Kevin and Lisa

I Knew It Was Going Too Smoothly

Good news first: We got to Fernley about 5 PM, and by dint of working like mad until after sundown, managed to get the rental truck unloaded completely. We got under way from Klamath Falls this morning in good time, and stopped for lunch (and refueling) in Alturas, where Lisa bought some lunch meat to go with the loaf of bread we bought last night and we ate sandwiches at an overlook on the Modoc wildlife refuge, and the drive went pretty smoothly.

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So now I'm sitting at the picnic table next to the RV space because it's so much cooler outside than in. I had no problem connecting to the RV park's wi-fi, but Lisa's machine (remember that we couldn't get the wireless bridge to connect, so Lisa reluctantly reinstalled a wireless card) is getting continuously stuck at the "acquiring network address" message, and none of the things we've tried is properly resetting it. This same machine worked just find on the same wi-fi network last week, and nothing on the network has changed, which is why I was able to access it from my machine.

This is really frustrating. The equipment should just work. The cars should just work. We cannot get some very critical things done if we keep getting bedeviled by computer and car failures like this.