September 11th, 2011


Walk It Off

For all that I've been working on the Day Jobbe much of this weekend, it really was an "off" weekend for me, because I didn't have to travel anywhere. There aren't going to be many such weekends for a while now, as just about any available weekend from here out I'm likely to be transporting a minivan load of stuff up to Fernley. I've been getting my rest when I can, but I try not to go too many days without a walk. This afternoon, I got out for a walk around Quarry Lakes just in time to get back before sundown.

Lisa called this evening to let me know that she's getting more things stored away from the massive unloading job we did, but she still hasn't found any of the telephones that she knows she stored in one of those boxes, so while we have telephone service at the house, she doesn't have any touch-tone phones she can use, so she's been walking down to the Pilot truck stop and using the pay-phone there with a calling card. It's not that she can't go buy another phone; it's that she'd rather find the ones she knows she has somewhere in that garage.